Dance Studio Owners

Empowerment Blueprint

Half Day FREE Online Conference

How to attract more students, grow your business faster and get back control of your time.

Discover the Path to Studio Success: Are you prepared to elevate your dance studio like never before?

Whether your goal is to achieve more freedom to do the things YOU want to do, increase student numbers, make more money and increased profitability, personal growth, leaving a lasting legacy, or simply making a positive impact in your community, this event is custom-tailored for you.

We empathize with the unique challenges that studio owners encounter, and our mission is to provide you with the essential guidance to construct a flourishing dance legacy.

This event has ended! If you got any question feel free to contact us or book a call.

Event Details


Approximately 4 hours

Date & Time

Monday 25th September

4PM (California/Vancouver)
7PM (Boston/Toronto)

Tuesday 26th September

7AM (Perth/Philippines)
9AM (Melbourne/Sydney)

Online Conference

via Zoom

What to Expect

Rapid-Fire Presentation

Receive quick-paced, practical steps that you can implement right away to enhance your studio’s performance.

Comprehensive Topics

Gain invaluable advice on mindset, marketing (attraction and retention), sales, systems, technology, leadership, team management, website optimization, social media strategies, and financial management.

Abundant Content

We’re committed to delivering maximum value throughout the event, providing you with a wealth of beneficial information.

Q&A Sessions

Have your burning questions answered during dedicated Q&A sessions where our experts will address your specific challenges and concerns.

Practical Strategies

Walk away with practical and actionable strategies tailored to your studio’s unique needs, ensuring you can apply the learning immediately.

Why Attend?

Free & Limited

This event is absolutely FREE to attend – no hidden costs or obligations. BUT is limited to the first 35 people!

Exclusive Bonuses

Attendees will enjoy exclusive bonuses and special offers available only during the event, enhancing their learning experience.

Future-Proof Your Business

Stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. Join our training event to future-proof your business and thrive in the dynamic dance landscape.

Empowering Transformation

Walk away with actionable steps to implement immediate positive changes in your studio.

Connect & Learn Together

Network with like-minded dance studio owners and learn from their experiences.

Personal Growth

Unlock your full potential as a dance studio owner. Learn to overcome challenges, develop a winning mindset, and experience personal growth.

What to Learn

Movement Mindset

Do you believe in yourself as both the dance professional and the CEO of your Studio?

Marketing Makeover

Improve your studios Attraction and Retention to increase enrollments and overall student numbers.

Sales shuffle

How to make sure you convert those enquiries to actual students on the floor.

Syncopates Systems

Want to get time back, always know where everything is, have time off because the studio can run without you? That’s Syncopated Systems.

Turn to Technology

Not Techy? That’s OK, we go over easy to use tech that can help you solve problems or make tasks easier and more efficient without hurting your brain.

Leadership Leap

Whether it’s your team or students or families, people want to follow others who know where they are going. So let’s get a clear picture.

Tapping into Team

Your team is your biggest asset! Learn how to maximize their potential for your Studio.

Websites Waltz

Your website is your ONLINE STUDIO. What can you do to make it “feel” right?

Social Media Mambo

Let’s get a plan on how we are going to manage those social media platforms to increase interest in your studio.

Finance Funk

Know your numbers!