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At DTO, we’re your partners in success. Founded by former studio owners, we understand your challenges and aspirations. We provide the best accredited training to support your students, reputation, and bottom line. Talk to us to elevate your studio to new heights.

Teenage Dancer

Certificate II+III In Dance

Our VET Dance courses prepare students for professional dance careers in performance, teaching, or choreography. They provide the skills and industry knowledge needed for further training and auditions.

Assistant Teacher

Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teacher

Enhance your studio with our Assistant Teaching Program. This program is designed to support you in creating a confident in-house assistant program while also opening up a new revenue stream. Elevate your studio’s standards and enjoy the benefits of a strong, skilled team!

Qualified Dance Teacher

Certificate IV in Dance Teaching & Management

CUA40320 – Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management is designed for passionate dancers aspiring to excel in teaching, including in private studios.

Successful Studio Owner

Certificate IV in Business
(Studio Owner)

Studio Owners Triple Threat Business Program is a world first
The world’s first and only fully certified government accredited Studio Owner Business Program. Transform your studio, balance your life, and enjoy the rewards today!


Dance Training Organisation

Create New Revenue Streams

Enhance Studio Credibility

Grow & Strengthen

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Empowering studio owners to excel in dance and business.

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We customize solutions for studios of any size to provide accredited training.


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