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Increase Your Income?

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Discover the power of collaboration and coaching in the dance industry. As Kerrie Power rightly says, “You don’t expect your students to learn dance without coaching them, you don’t have to do business without a coach.

Why Attend?

Rapid-Fire Presentation

Receive quick-paced, practical steps that you can implement right away to enhance your studio’s performance.

Comprehensive Topics

Gain invaluable advice on mindset, marketing (attraction and retention), sales, systems, technology, leadership, team management, website optimization, social media strategies, and financial management.

Abundant Content

We’re committed to delivering maximum value throughout the event, providing you with a wealth of beneficial information.

Q&A Sessions

Have your burning questions answered during dedicated Q&A sessions where our experts will address your specific challenges and concerns.

Practical Strategies

Walk away with practical and actionable strategies tailored to your studio’s unique needs, ensuring you can apply the learning immediately.

Exclusive Member Deal

Members enjoy exclusive bonuses, including discounts, early access, and personalized content, enhancing their overall experience and fostering loyalty.

Challenge Date

Date & Duration

Bootcamp runs 60-90 minutes each morning 29 April to 3rd of May

It’s starts at:

10 AM Melb/Syd time.

Zoom Meeting


Join our groundbreaking Dance Studio Transformation Challenge – the world’s first and only fully government-certified business program designed exclusively for studio owners like you.

Take the leap towards your studio’s success today!

What to Learn

Movement Mindset

Believe in yourself as both the dance professional and the CEO.

Marketing Makeover

The process of improving a company’s marketing strategy and materials to achieve better results and meet specific business objectives.

Sales shuffle

Remember you are doing them a service by making sure they get the best training available.

Syncopates Systems

In the past, policies and procedures were lengthy documents created by experts, often left untouched on shelves for years.

Turn to Technology

Using digital tools and devices to solve problems or make tasks easier and more efficient.

Leadership Leap

Whether it’s your team or families people want to follow others who know where they are going.

Tapping into Team

Your team are your biggest asset and listen to your team they have their ear to the ground.

Websites Waltz

Your website is your ONLINE STUDIO.

Social Media Mambo

Fast-paced and often intricate dance of managing and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of social media platforms and trends.

Finance Funk

A period of financial difficulties, challenges, or a downturn in the financial health of an individual or organization.

Free Resources

We’re excited to offer you amazing free resources to empower your journey towards achieving your goals.