Kerrie Power

Founder & Lead Trainer

Kerrie owned and operated a successful performing arts studio for over 30 years. In that time she wrote her own accredited performing arts course running for full time students, many of whom are still working in the Industry today.

At Studios and Schools Kerrie has trained 100s of VET Dance students who continuously receive high scores for their VCE as well as being regularly featured in Victoria’s Top Class and Top Acts performances. She has had many students awarded Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Dance over the years.

A highly qualified educator, performer and course creator, Kerrie was inspired to create Dance Training Organisation to allow everyone the ability to have access to accredited training, which she fully believes will help strengthen dance training as a whole.

My Amazing Team

Dance Studio Business Coaches

Brendan Daynes

Accredited Trainer & Industry Course Development Expert

Lisa Wooley

Accredited Trainer & Industry Course Development Expert

Amanda Knight

Accredited Trainer & Industry Course Development Expert


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