Do you love to dance?

Why not make it count towards your future?

“It’s great to have an RTO run by dance teachers who understand both dance studios and the dance industry.”

– Cathy-Lea Smith (Cathy-Lea)

Come join our award winning VET Dance program

CUA20120 Certificate II in Dance with selected units of competency from the CUA30120 Certificate III in Dance

Years 10 – 12

Dance Training Organisation brings you the highest quality training in your chosen styles of dance.
In 2022 we will be offering Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Street Dance, Lyrical, Cultural and Classical Ballet.
VET Dance is a scored subject when taken in the VCE and can contribute to your ATAR

These classes are delivered in conjunction with your current studio classes allowing access for anyone.  They will generally be taken online with in person components.



Student Dance Training Organisation

Major credits of our trainers include:

2021 – Premiers Award

2020 –  3 Top Class performers | 2 High Achievers

2019 – 4 High Achievers | 3 Top Class performers

2018 – 3 High Achievers | Top Class performer | Top Acts performer

2017 – 4 High Achievers | Top Class performer

2016 – High Achiever | Top Class performer

2015 – 3 High Achievers | 2 Top Class performers

2014  – Perfect Study Score | 2 Top Class performers

2013 – 2 Perfect Study Scores | 2 High Achievers

2012 – Premiers Award | 3 High Achievers | Top Class performer | Top Acts performer

2011 – Perfect Study Score | 3 High Achievers | Top Class performer

2010 – Premiers Award | Top Class performer

2009 – 4 Premiers Awards | 2 Perfect Study Scores | Top Class performers | High Achievers

2008 – Premiers Award | 4 Perfect Study Scores

2007 – Perfect Study Score

*High Achievers receiving marks 40 or above for their Study Score.

Daniel Camilleri Premiers Award

Course Objective

VCE VET Dance is a pre-vocational course, and will prepare you to audition for further (tertiary) training as dancer, dance teacher or choreographer.

The course will give you a taste of what the industry is like so you can work out if you want to pursue dance as a career.

If you successfully complete this course you will receive a Certificate II in Dance CUA20113. VET Dance is available as a VCE subject OR as part of a VCAL program.

VCE VET Dance Entry Requirements 

There are no pre-requisites to enrol in this course, but previous experience in dance will be an advantage. Students may commence VCE VET Dance in year 10 or 11.

What makes our program unique

Our VCE VET Dance trainers are all experienced, qualified and accredited trainers. 

Our course has been created by trainers who all have training, assessing and industry experience that have developed a program which is not only educational but engaging for the students. 

The program is structured to be beneficial to those students who may choose a future pathway in the performing arts as well as students starting their performing arts journey.

VCE VET Dance ATAR score contributions

  • 2 solos (one in each dance style) contribute 50% to your ATAR score for VCE VET Dance
  • School assessed coursework contributes the other 50% of your ATAR score for VCE VET Dance

For more details, see the VCE VET Dance page on the VCAA website here.

Course Structure

The Certificate II in Dance CUA20113 VCE VET Dance course is delivered over two years part-time.

Students should complete Units 1 & 2 (year 1) before enrolling in Units 3 & 4 (year 2).

Units 1 & 2 Core units

BSBWOR203 Work effectively with others

CUADAN201 Develop basic dance techniques

CUAWHS101 Follow safe dance practices

CUAWHS201 Develop a basic level of physical condition for dance performance

Units 1 & 2 Dance Electives:

CUADAN203 Perform basic jazz dance technique

CUADAN205 Perform basic contemporary dance technique

CUADAN206 Perform basic ballet dance technique

CUADAN207 Perform basic tap technique

CUADAN208 Perform basic street dance technique

CUADAN209 Perform basic cultural dance technique

Units 3 & 4 Core & Compulsory Units:

CUADAN202 Incorporate artistic expression into basic dance performances

CUAPRF201 Prepare self for performances

CUAIND201 Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge

CUAPRF304 Develop audition techniques

Units 3 & 4 Dance Electives:

CUADAN305 Increase depth of jazz dance technique

CUADAN306 Increase depth of ballet dance technique

CUADAN307 Increase depth of cultural dance technique

CUADAN308 Increase depth of contemporary dance technique

CUADAN309 Increase depth of street dance technique

CUADAN311 Increase depth of tap technique

VCE VET Dance study hours

The nominal hours for VCE VET Dance depend on which elective units/dance styles you choose, and range from 320 to 400 hours over the two years of the course.






Your expertise and support in the past two years have been a Godsend. She really enjoyed coming into your studio and the friendly and talented staff that helped her along the way. She was really prepared and well supported today at her exam. You’re all truly amazing!

Diana Z – Parent of Student from IPAS